Chairman's Message

Water is life. Everyone must come together and be united to harness the natural resources like water. Each little steps towards saving water will enhance the quality of our mother earth.

The elderly, children, youngsters, women, men and everyone's efforts will definitely result in attaining victory in all manner of our very own banaskantha district.

Our Projects


Samruddha Gaon

Banas Jal shkti Abhiyan(BJSA) is driven by a vision of water security, sustained by responsive governance and inclusive growth, leading to sustainable development for samrudhdh gav.


Banas Jal shkti Abhiyan(BJSA) exists to provide an enabling environment in which the greater banaskantha region can access adequate drinking water for humans,animals and agriculture water scarcity within the constraints of environmental equilibrium by leveraging traditional knowledge and appropriate technology; facilitating village institutions of collective wisdom and building local capacities for community mobilization in an atmosphere of transparency, participation and accountability, through a process of networking and advocacy.