Banaskantha District Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd., Palanpur


Cooperation! A quality that resides in the blood of every citizen of India. India is that pious land which has spread the message of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" the world is the family) round the globe. Overall, Gujarat is a dry land and especially when it comes to Banaskantha it is considered to be a desert area. Picking up the impression of the backward area due to the lack of scope for industrialization, our founder Lt. Galbabhai Nanjibhai Patel saw the dream of changing this identity of this area.
With the vision of "the widow living in the remotest village of the district shall live her life with self-respect and dignity keeping her hand on the handle of the sickle"; Galbakaka attempted that the local people shall participate in the integrated business of milk by initiating cooperative activities with the milk cooperative societies on October 3rd, 1966. In the area where the firm belief was prevailing that "the son and the milk cannot be sold" accomplishing this task was a challenge itself. Taking each and every social class with him without any partiality, on January 31st, 1969, Banaskantha District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union Ltd (Banas Dairy) got registered under The Cooperative Societies Act. Later on, on January 14th, 1971, Galbakaka inaugurated the Banas Dairy Plant spread in 122 acres which is currently situated in Jagana Village- 4 kms away from present Palanpur. Beginning with some hundred litres per day, Banas Dairy today has reached on an average daily capacity of 5.7 million litres milk production.
About Banas Dairy


Vision Mission Statement
We, Banas Dairy Family will provide best Quality Inputs services for sustainable Dairy Development & strengthen Cooperative Structure in Banaskantha milk shed and produce superior quality, healthy and nutritious milk & milk products as per the need and expectations of our valuable customers, make them available with the support of our Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., Anand.
We shall achieve excellence by committed efforts for overall development of Milk Producers & Employees at our Organization, conservation of Environment, building worldclass infrastructure across supply chain, accepting most modern technologies and prevailing best practices in Dairy Industries.
Let us come together to make Excellent & Largest Banas Dairy.



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